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PRICING : online via Zoom

** A free 20 minute no-obligation consultation is required before you start your first Counselling session ... via zoom or telephone

1 x 50 minute Drug & Alcohol Counselling Session online via zoom = £55

Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Psychologist's Office

helping you to find that motivation and purpose to keep drug and alcohol free.

Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Alcohol or Drug Addiction is usually a coping mechanism put in place as a means of escape ... its crossed that line from the social to the destructive.

For this approach to work the client must fully acknowledge having developed a destructive alcohol or drug habit - and have stopped and are wanting help to stay on their wellness path.

As an Alcoholic to Alchemist Licensed Practitioner, I use the The 12 Step Philosophy for Optimal Living - based on the book  

Alcoholic to Alchemist : The art of transforming wine into water

by Paul Henderson 

(ISBN 978-1-4709-6218-0)

This approach advocates ...

"The most effective way to escape our problems is to solve them ... only then can you move forward and allow yourself to reach your true potential and transform your life beyond all recognition"

Best Self Therapy

... with Delyth Cole 

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