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Individual Counselling

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Integrative Counselling : 

looks at the whole person, it's a holistic approach to therapy that can combines ideas and techniques from different therapy approaches depending on the unique needs of the client.


** A free 20 minute no-obligation consultation is required before you start your first Counselling session ... via zoom or telephone

1 x 50 minute online Counselling Session via Zoom = £55


1 x 50 minute Face-to-face or Walk & Talk Counselling Session (Wirral only) = £55

I like to start off with clients using a 'Person-Centred Approach', this focuses on the needs of the individual client, increasing personal growth and self expression. It's non-directive and puts the client front and centre, using the three core conditions as set out by Carl Rogers - empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence.

I'll help you to explore the areas in your life which you choose to bring to the counselling session and I'll support you in making your own decisions and help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your situation.

Once the trust and therapeutic relationship is established we can then explore if other modalities from my therapy toolbox may be helpful to incorporate into your wellness journey.

Some issues may be resolved in just a couple of sessions, whilst others may require a bit longer .. we won't know until we make a start.

There is no set amount of sessions you need to take.

Each client is individual, with their unique lived experience, core values, beliefs and stories ... so each counselling journey will be individual and unique. It is more bespoke fit rather than one-size-fits all.

My Therapy Toolkit for Integrative Counselling

So, Whats In My Therapy Toolbox?

  • Psychodynamic Approach 

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • Gestalt Therapy 

  • Transactional Analysis (TA) 

  • Eye Movement, Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • Menopause Counselling 

  • Narrative Therapy 

  • Grief & Loss Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling for the Individual 

  • Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Drug & Alcohol Counselling

In-Person Counselling in Birkenhead, Wirral

In-Person Counselling in Central Birkenhead
Based at Wellness, Argyle Street, Birkenhead

In-Person Counselling Sessions at 

'Wellness', Argyle Street, Birkenhead, Wirral.

A central location with on-street parking and close to bus & train transport links.

Counselling sessions are by prior appointment only.

Please get in touch to find out more 

Best Self Therapy

... with Delyth Cole 

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