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Find out about my Walk & Talk Therapy Sessions

Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions on The Wirral with Delyth, Best Self Therapy.


What is it – Simply put, it’s taking the traditional counselling session outdoors.


Where – I am so lucky to have the beautiful Wirral Peninsula on my doorstep. So, if you are on The Wirral and wanting counselling sessions outside in nature then I am happy to offer you this option.

·      There are many places for therapy sessions here, for example we have the waterfronts at West Kirby, New Brighton and Parkgate or there’s also a lovely route around Birkenhead Park, amongst others. We will only walk in public settings that allow enough space around us to ensure our safety and the confidentiality of our conversations.

·      Weather dependent, the Wirral seems to have its own little micro-climate, I’m more than happy to walk in most weathers, as long as it’s safe to do so, but there is no pressure, it’s certainly not a problem to switch to online, to a counselling room if available, or to an alternative time/day.


When – the 50-minute Walk & Talk counselling session can happen at the same time and place each week, giving a clear start and finish time, in keeping with the boundaries of a traditional counselling room session. It’s still a therapeutic relationship and a contract will be entered into before we start.


Why – there are lots of advantages to this type of counselling session, such as reduced levels of anxiety and stress and depression. It can improve your overall wellbeing and can add a sense of calm in times of overwhelm or feeling stuck.

·      It gets you moving – it’s great for your physical health as well as your mental health, especially if you don’t get the opportunity to escape out into nature as often as you’d like, as we all know life can be so hectic these days and being outdoors is a physically more relaxing experience for our bodies and as the body and mind are connected its positive effects are reflected in the mind. So, Walk & Talk counselling can combine these two important self-care activities,

·      It’s something that adults of all ages can engage in as there is no set pace, and usually a welcome pause on a bench is available.

·      Being outdoors can help release those endorphins and can enhance your mood, can support weight loss if needed, lower blood pressure, can speed up digestion and improve your heart health.

·      Sometimes it can help a client to talk more open and freer when walking side by side with the counsellor rather than sitting face to face in a counselling room or online, it can help the conversation to flow a little easier. It can also feel a little less intense, especially if you’re new to counselling and feeling a bit nervous, or a little claustrophobic in a counselling room.

·      Walking can have a grounding effect on the body, incorporating a little mindfulness into the walk can keep us in the moment and may help to anchor a safe space in the mind and cause a peaceful image to ease any future symptoms of anxiety and panic.


Hopefully this has answered a few questions about a Walk & Talk therapy session, please get in contact if you want to book in or for further information.

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